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As some maybe know, SLU are one of the partner universities in the European network ELLS (Euroleague for Life Sciences). This is a network of leading universities in subjects as: Natural Resource Management, Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Food Sciences and Environmental Sciences. The network was created to share knowlege and create common resources by giving students and teachers possibilities to e.g. go on exchange, study at Master programs and participate in Summer Schools and in conferences. Because of the many subjects, there are something for everyone!

The universities in the network are:

  • SLU- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden
  • BOKU- University of Natural Recourses and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria
  • SCIENCE- Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • UHOH- University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany
  • WUR- Wageningen University and Research Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands
  • CULS- Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech republic
  • WULS- Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, Poland
  • ELLS also have partner universities in USA, China, New Zealand and Israel.

If you want to read more about ELLS you can go to their website:

Now to the part where students come into ELLS! ELLS consists of a board and different working groups, one of these groups are Euroleauge Student Association (ELSA). In ELSA there are two student representatives from each university and last weekend ELSA had one of their two yearly meetings, this time in Copenhagen Denmark.

ELSA represntatives from each university.

This meeting we talked a lot about the upcoming Scientific Student  Conference (SSC) 11th-12th November in Hohenheim, Germany and what we will do there. We discussed the structure of it, how it can be improved and a lot more. If you want to go to the conference, there is still an opportunity to apply as an audience member and I really recommend you to! Follow this link to the registration and you can also read more about the conference, the last day for registration is 5th October.


We also discussed the Case Study Competition (CSC) that is something that is arranged by the different Subject Areas where student work with a project connected to a real case, and the best project wins. A great opportunity to try out the things you learn while you’re studying!

Kyrill, Anna and Ole working with creating a template for arranging the Case Study Competition.

Now we look forward to the SSC in November and I hope we will se some of you there! But first me and Isabella will pack our bags again and go to Umeå for a board meeting with SLUSS 🙂

//Karolina Ottosson

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