Towards a sustainable Swedish food system – a knowledge synthesis of environmental impacts and policy options

Through this new project, funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we aim to synthesise existing knowledge on the effect of policy measures to reduce environmental impacts of Swedish food consumption. We will do a systematic literature mapping of the evidence on policy options for transforming food consumption to decrease environmental pressures, to identify research gaps and clusters, and to inform policy development and emerging needs for further research.

We have developed a systematic mapping protocol that has been sent out for open stakeholder consultation in order to receive feedback on the set boundaries for the study, as well as ensure that we capture the right data.

If you would like to provide input on the protocol, you can partake in this 5-7 minute survey Effects of public policy interventions for sustainable food consumption (

We highly appreciate your time and input!

The project is designed to engage key stakeholders throughout the review process to ensure that the work is relevant to our target audiences. The project is multidisciplinary and involves a range of scientists from SLU, Chalmers University of Technology, The Beijer Institute and Stockholm Environment Institute. It builds on previous, recent work in this area performed by the team members and will be integrated into a range of currently ongoing research projects and programmes both within and outside SLU.

If you are further interested in the project setting, these studies are highly relevant and form the foundation of the project:

Röös et al., 2020. Policy Options for Sustainable Food Consumption – Review and recommendations for Sweden

Lindahl and Jonell., 2019. Metoder för att ändra kostvanor – Fokus på insatser för att minska konsumtionen av animalier

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