The 6th Dry Toilet Conference, Finland

Prithvi Simha, PhD student at kretsloppsteknik, participated in the 6th International Dry Toilet Conference that was held in Tampere, Finland, between 22-24 August. Prithvi presented our ongoing research on alkaline urine dehydration technology and shared experiences of installing & operating a household-scale urine dehydration unit for three months at the SLU campus. 

The conference was organised by the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, which plays host to the event every three years. This year, the venue was Hiedanranta, a former industrial area in Tampere, Finland where all toilets are water-less (of course!). Urine and faeces are collected below the venue in a basement – the conference organisers estimated that nearly 500 L of urine was collected during the three day event. 

Links:                                                                                                                                                                            Dry Toilet 2018 – Book of Abstracts                                                                                                                Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland                                                                                                      Visit Hiedanranta

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