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Two new interns for the urine drying project

The latest additions to Kretsloppsteknik are two interns, Chinmoy Deb and Anooj Ramanathan, coming all the way from India to work on urine drying for their bachelor’s thesis. During their bachelors program, both Chinmoy and Anooj have been doing research on sanitation, working with nutrient recovery as well as removal of pharmaceutical residues from human urine. A keen interest in sanitation and hygiene technologies brings them to our group at SLU for a 3-months long internship that began in December. Over the course of the internship, they will be involved in ongoing projects related to process modelling, intensification, and optimization.

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Finnish delegation visits SLU to discuss on-site urine treatment

Last week our group hosted a delegation of stakeholders from Finland, representing between them the City of Tampere, The Finnish Environment Institute, The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. They were at SLU to discuss their ongoing projects, MORTTI – mobile nutrient recovery under field conditions and HIERAKKA – long-term effects of applying urine fertilizers. The project looks at identifying and piloting new solutions for the capture and utilisation of nutrients in urine and faeces. We thus discsussed the possibilities for on-site treatment of urine in Finland as well as potential collaboration for implementing urine drying technology at pilot study locations. This was followed by visits to our lab, where we have been running three household-scale urine drying systems & a tour of our black soldier fly composting colony.  PC: Carl Willandt, Ekokumppanit Oy

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The 6th Dry Toilet Conference, Finland

Prithvi Simha, PhD student at kretsloppsteknik, participated in the 6th International Dry Toilet Conference that was held in Tampere, Finland, between 22-24 August. Prithvi presented our ongoing research on alkaline urine dehydration technology and shared experiences of installing & operating a household-scale urine dehydration unit for three months at the SLU campus. 

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Full-scale urine drying trials at SLU

This week, the Environmental Engineering group at SLU starts its full-scale urine drying experiments. The group has designed and built 6 household-scale urine drying prototypes for the experiments. Over the coming months, every day, these units will be drying 24 litres of urine. The biggest challenge so far has been to collect enough daily fresh urine to feed the prototypes. We thank all those who have donated urine so far, and hope that these donating  keep coming. Your donations can potentially help revolutionise sanitation!

                                       Urine donation points at toilets across the Department of Energy & Technology, SLU;                     PhD Candidate Prithvi Simha eager to get the experiments started in our Hygiene Lab Continue reading Full-scale urine drying trials at SLU

Implementing Urine Drying technology in Durban, South Africa

Prithvi Simha, Jenna Senecal, and Björn Vinnerås just returned after spending a week in Durban, South Africa. We travelled there to present our novel sanitation technology called alkaline urine dehydration to several potential collaborators, and to see if the technology could fit into the local context. We met with sanitation experts from the Pollution Research Group at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the eThekwini Municipality, and Envirosan (a toilet manufacturer based in Durban). The trip was extremely fruitful with a positive response from all experts about our technology. We even brought back with us two new urine-diverting toilets to test our system with (thank you Envirosan!). Our next step will be to return to Durban with a pilot-scale urine drying system that the Pollution Research Group will test at their research facility. Following this, drying units will also be tested in people’s homes at the eThekwini municipality. A big thank you to Chris Buckley for co-ordinating the trip & to the NJ Committee on Global Affairs for the financial assistance.SLU EnviroSan Loot; PC: Chris Buckley

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The Future in Sanitation is off the grid!

How much water do each of us use every day? Can future sanitation systems and off-the-grid houses be designed so as to minimize energy and water consumption? Where does wastewater management fit into the waste hierarchy/pyramid? In his presentation, Björn Vinnerås, Associate Professor at SLU shares with us his vision of future housing: a future where there is ‘no need for network connections, neither electricity nor water, and nor wastewater’.

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