BSFL frass used to grow vegetables

Containing substantial amounts of plant nutrients, black soldier fly larvae frass or “BSF residue”, is a promising soil amendment that gains more and more interest with increasing BSF farming around the globe. In the last years, the residue at our BSF colony, accumulating from various chicken and fish feed experiments, was an overlooked ”by-product”. Most of the residue ended up in our own garden plots or worse, was sent off for incineration. As the 2021 garden-season kicked off, the BSF group teamed up with Ultuna Permaculture to put 500 kg of BSF residue to good use! Last month, the garlics received their first load of extra nutrients and once the weather starts to warm up, the potatoes are next. Our vision is to create a closed loop system in which we feed our fly larvae with locally sourced waste (such as bread or vegetable waste from nearby factories), generate protein in form of larval biomass and put the residue from the process back into the food chain.

Contact: Viktoria Wiklicky

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