Teaching students in Jordan about safe nutrient recycling

This week, we (Sahar Dalahmeh, Mikael Pell, Annika Nordin, Cecilia Lalander, and Prithvi Simha) are in Jordan, conducting a 1-week course on recycling of various household waste fractions. The course is given at the Hashemite University, located about 50 km away from the capital city Amman. A group of about 20 very enthusiastic and inquistive students are learning about various topics such as wastewater microbiology, hygienisation, urine diversion and dehydration, vermi- and black soldier fly composting, on-site wastweater treatment, etc.

The course is provided as a mixture of lectures, group discussions, and seminars along with a laboratory excercise where the students prepare and analyse their own compost to safely recycle food waste. The students are being taught about composition of different household waste streams, and are discussing opportunities and risks with recycling. By the end of the course, the students will also be able to describe the biological activities responsible for wastewater treatment and composting, and be able to identify related pathogens and their health hazards. During the course, students will receive basic knowledge and hands-on experience regarding how to install simple systems for treatment of wastewater/greywater, toilet waste and food waste that effectively treat waste streams for safe recycling.

Jordan is a beautiful country, & we have been warmly welcomed everywhere we have been

Contact: Sahar Dalahmeh

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