Course: Innovation systems in circular Bioeconomy, Helsinki

Alice Isibika and Prithvi Simha, PhD students at Kretsloppsteknik were in Helsinki 19 -23 Aug. 2019, to take part in the NOVA course, Advanced Course of Innovation Systems in Circular Bioeconomy. The course was organised by Professor Anne Toppinen, University of Helsinki: Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The course, largely taught from the perspective of forest bioeconomy, focused on innovation systems, sustainability transitions, service-dominant logic, innovativeness, innovation culture in business organisations, cross-sectoral collaboration, etc. Students also had a workshop coordinated by the Finland Futures Academy, where they explored potential bioeconomy scenarios and visited Gold&Green Foods, a Helsinki-based startup that produces plant-based foods from clean Nordic oats and beans, Pulled Oats.

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