Björn Vinnerås visits UTAR in Kampar, Malaysia

Björn Vinnerås was at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) as External Examiner at the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology to evaluate their Master of Engineering Science and PhD education in Engineering. He had the chance of looking at their interesting and good structure of their education and looking through several interesting projects that they are performing. Among all projects, it was interesting to see the Black Sodier fly project where Dr. Leong Siew Yoong was looking into the potential of using the lipids from the larvae to produce biodiesel. During the visit, Björn also gave a guest lecture for the Environmental Engineering students, with many interesting questions and discussions.Group picture after the lecture at UTAR

    Fly rearing unit of Dr. Leong Siew Yoong

Contact: Björn Vinnerås

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