Thank you Porin Prikaati: wrapping up the urine drying pilot in Säkylä

The three month long urine drying pilot installation at the Pori Birgade in Säkylä, Finland was dismantled last week, bringing to an end the first field demonstration of our technology. As you’ll recall from our previous blogs, we integrated a urine dehydration module with capacity of treating 40 L urine/day/m2 into an existing, mobile dry sanitation system – the Biomaja toilet. During this pilot, we have been collecting samples of the end-product/fertiliser (see picture below), monitoring various physico-chemical properties as well as energy consumption of the treatment module. Over the coming months, we will be analysing the collected samples, along with our partners in Finland. While the module received less urine than its design capacity, it functioned smoothly throughout the pilot period.

We thank the officers and cadets of the Pori Brigade for participating in this pilot, using the toilet, and for their feedback. A special thank you also to all the MORTTI project partners for the excellent support, but also for making this a fun collaboration!

Contact: Prithvi Simha

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