Urine drying research featured in Finnish media

Within the MORTTI project, our group’s urine drying technology is being piloted at Pori Brigade’s military training site in Finland. Earlier this week, as part of an organised media day event, members of our group Caroline Karlsson and Prithvi Simha alongwith MORTTI project partners interacted with several local and national media outlets. Click below to read what the media thought of this visit and our toilet system.

YLE: On TV The soldier’s piss improves the world – dry urine is a good fertilizer & In Print https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10730337

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus: The Defense Forces are trying to recover urine as fertilizer – In the Pori Brigade exercise area there is a Biomaja field toilet

Helsingin Sanomat: In Säkylä, the nutrients of the urine are preserved, with the aim of making urine fertilizer

Satakunnan Kansa: Converting soldiers’ urine into dry fertilizer powder – a Swedish invention that can come into play at festivals in the future

Verkkouutiset: The recycling of the officers’ urine is being tested

Länsi-Suomi: Army is testing a pilot toilet in Säkylä

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