Recycling urine from soldiers as dry fertiliser: Pori Brigade, Finnish Defence Forces

On the 8th of April, the MORTTI project partners organised a media day for our project in Finland that has been operational since the first week of March. This 3-month pilot stabilises and dries human urine collected from soldiers, to be safely recycled as a dry powder fertiliser. The project pilots the urine drying technology developed by our research group at SLU. Representing Kretsloppsteknik at this event were Caroline Karlsson and Prithvi Simha.

More about the pliot: The site of the pilot is a shooting range connected to the Finnish Defence Forice’s Pori Brigade headquarters in Säkylä, Finland. Several reasons motivated the site selection. The area is groundwater sensitive, so avoiding open urination during military excercises is a practical need. The army is also searching for alternative sanitation options during off-road exercises. “There can be hundreds of people
at a time in the exercises, and we need portable toilets for these exercises
”, says Pori Brigade environmental coordinator Terhi Helkala. “This toilet is easy to use, odorless and yet environmentally friendly, much better than other toilets in the area”, says pioneer Ville Kujala from Pori Brigade. “We are very happy to use this when there is also heating, especially during the winter season after Plussa forest gigs”, Kujala continues.

Press release in Finnish:

The system will be in use until the first week of June. More updates to follow!

Contact: Prithvi Simha


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