Microbes In Focus: Isis Conroy’s Return to SLU

Hi, I am Isis Conroy. I am in the final year of my bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering at Tampere University. Last year, I was at SLU working alongside Natnael Demissie with lab duties relating to his doctoral thesis which evaluated the effect of UV and peroxide on antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and their genes. This year I have returned to do my own thesis working on a project that aims to standardize a methodology for assessing urea hydrolysis in urine by utilizing bacterial urease rather than jack bean urease. In both my work and hobbies, I enjoy microbiology, microscopy, and mycology. In my free time, I am a mushroom guide, teach microscopy lectures to children, and I enjoy spending time outdoors. I will be at SLU until I present my thesis in early June.

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