The AirCloset project!

The SLU Urban Futures hub in Ultuna has granted funding to three interdisciplinary projects focusing on the Urban Food-Energy-Water nexus, one of which is called “The AirCloset” that will be led by Prithvi Simha from SLU, Sweden and Gert van der Merwe from NUST, Namibia.

The Air Closet and Granurin Technology:
The project will pioneer the development of a toilet that separates and dehydrates urine using solar-thermal energy. This not only provides a sustainable solution for sanitation in informal settlements but also presents a unique opportunity for recycling urine into a great fertilizer – Granurin.

Granurin, a Fertilizer Revolution:
Granurin, with its 20% nitrogen content, represents a revolutionary step in sustainable agriculture. Simha and his colleagues at SLU have successfully developed a technology to dehydrate urine, creating these safe fertilizer pellets that can potentially replace synthetic fertilizers. This not only contributes to circular food production but also opens up a global avenue for local food security enhancement.

Impact on Urban Informal Settlements:
Taking the technology a step further, the project aims to implement urine drying in urban informal settlements, where over a billion people reside without access to basic services. By providing a solution that integrates sanitation, agriculture, and economic empowerment, The Air Closet challenges the status quo, striving to uphold the promise of Agenda 2030 – “leave no one behind.”


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