Nutrient Recovery and Reuse – Help Us Design a Systematic Map and Evidence Platform

Research and development of circular nutrient technologies has intensified over the past years, making research output in this field increasingly hard to navigate and keep track of. There is a need for a robust and comprehensive mapping and synthesis of existing relevant research and better brokering of knowledge to policy and practice.

Researchers at our group are involved in the collaborative project End-of-wastewater that aims to:

  • Collate available peer-reviewed English language research on nutrient recovery and reuse into a comprehensive evidence base using systematic mapping methodology.
  • Develop an online evidence platform to navigate relevant scientific papers with ease.

We have drafted a protocol that outlines our methodological plan for the systematic map and online evidence platform. To give future users of the map and platform the opportunity to influence our work at an early stage, we have designed a survey. Your feedback will help us refine the protocol, and it will influence the scope and comprehensiveness of the map and platform. At this stage, we are seeking input regarding:

  • What types of scientific research to include?
  • What search terms to use to find relevant research?
  • How to sort and categorize relevant research?

While we encourage you to have a look at the protocol, it is perfectly possible to take the survey without reading the protocol. Anwering our questions will take only about 5-10 minutes. The survey form will be open until June 15, 2021. Feel free to share the survey and protocol within your networks.

The End-of-wastewater team is looking forward to your feedback!

Contact: Robin Harder

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