United Nations Day – lecture on nutrient recycling and source-separating waste water systems for Malmö latinskola

On 24 October every year, UN Day is celebrated and this year marked the anniversary of UN’s 75th anniversary. This year, Swedish high schools worked with the UN’s global goals and Malmö latinskola had chosen goal 6 – clean water and sanitation – and goal 14 – life below water. Caroline Karlsson, research assistant in the environmental engineering group; Jens Olsson, researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; and Helena Aronsson, senior lecturer at the Department of Soil and Environment, were invited to give lectures on these themes for a class of first-year students.

Jens Olsson gave a lecture on the situation in the Baltic Sea and the increase of sticklebacks. Helena Aronsson spoke about the impact of oat and cow milk on the environment and our waters. While Caroline Karlsson gave an introductory lecture on to nutrient recycling and source-separation of waste water and urine drying. The lectures were well received and the students asked several interesting questions.

Contact: Caroline Karlsson

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