Our new team member Gabriella will work with microplastics!

My name is Gabriella and I have just started working as a research assistant at SLU. I have studied environmental engineering and I graduate recently. My dissertation focused on small-scale water purification and was carried out as an MFS (Minor Field Study) project in the Kenyan capital Nairobi 2019. In Nairobi’s slum Kibera, the possibility of purifying irrigation water with a vertical biochar garden filter was designed, implemented and evaluated. I am generally interested in water issues, but especially in water purification technology and small-scale sewage systems. As a research assistant, I will focus on microplastic analyzes and filtration, which feels both new, important and exciting!

I was born and raised in Linköping but have lived and studied in Uppsala since the autumn of 2014. My previous experiences (positive) of SLU have been as a student and now I am looking very much forward to get a new perspective as an employee and get to know my SLU colleagues!

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