The FAT larva – a future feed for animals?

In the last week of May, SLU was arranging the “Thesis Day”-event for the second year in a row. This was an opportunity for bachelor’s and master’s students to present their degree projects in the form of scientific posters. Six students were also chosen to arrange oral presentations of their projects. Nils Ewald was one of these students. As you might remember, Nils finished his master’s thesis about the fatty acid composition of the black soldier fly larvae earlier this spring.

In the audience there were both SLU students and staff, and perhaps also a couple of parents, eager to learn more about the projects. Even though fly larvae might disgust some people, the audience took great interest in listening to the presentation. One person even expressed afterwards: “I felt almost like I was listening to a TED-talk!”. Nils was also awarded second price for his scientific poster; apparently the vivid colours of the poster were attracting readers.

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