Kristina Lundgren, M.Sc. thesis on pretreatments in BSF composting

Just at the end of January, Kristina Lundgren presented her master thesis at Uppsala University. The aim of the thesis was to increase the understanding of how bacteria may affect fly larvae composting with the black soldier fly. The results showed no significant impact on the survival, final biomass or reduction of substrate when bacteria isolated from BSF eggs where inoculated into the substrate (food waste). However, interestingly the variation in resulting biomass and material reduction was decreased when any bacteria or group of bacteria were added to the food waste. Hence, the system became easier to predict, which especially is desirable when scaling up the system. The audience seemed intrigued by fly larvae composting as a waste management tool and had questions both regarding large scale facilities and the possibility that inoculation bacteria might yield positive effects in other substrates.

Read the abstract or entire thesis in Diva portal.

Contact: Cecilia Lalander

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