Director General of SIDA and the Vice-Chancellor of SLU visited the Greenhouse

On Wednesday (13/2-2019) the Director General of SIDA Carin Jämtin and the Vice-Chancellor of SLU Karin Holmgren honoured us with a visit to our BSF facility. Also on the visit, from SIDA, were Senior Research Advisor Eva Ohlsson and Policy Advisor Esse Nilsson, and from SLU Pro Vice-Chancellor, international relations Ylva Hillbur, Head of SLU Global Sara Gräslund and communicator Malin Planting.
During the visit we demonstrated the concept of turning waste into value by converting it into larval biomass that can be used as animal feed. We in the group were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm with which the visitors put their hands into the fly larvae compost in order to feel the heat being generated in the degradation process and the movement of the larvae.

Click here to see SLU news coverage of this visit 

Contact: Cecilia Lalander

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