New Masters project on fatty acid composition in BSF larvae and substrates

I’m Nils Ewald, one of the latest master students to join the Black Soldier Fly  team at the department. I’m currently doing my last year at the Agriculture program in Food Science here at SLU. As a student in food science it is very interesting to be able to dig into the widely discussed field of insects as food and feed. During the autumn I will investigate the fatty acid composition in the BSF larvae, as well as the substrates (such as food waste) they are reared upon. The aim is to see how the fatty acids found in different substrates affects the fatty acid composition in the fly larvae.

In this way I hope to get clues into how we can create fly larvae, which can be fed to animals, and eventually create nutritionally beneficial food products to the market. And at the same time we will be able to deal with the problem of food waste. That’s exciting!

Contact: Cecilia Lalander

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