Christoffer Parrow Melhus: PhD candidate working on precipitation issues in urine collecting sanitation systems

My name is Christoffer and I started working here in September 2023 as a PhD student. The field of research I work in is turning urine from urine diverting toilets into a dehydrated, commercial fertilizer. Urine diverting toilets commonly have problems with precipitation forming, clogging the pipes. The scope of my research is to investigate this process and come up with solutions so that the pipes can easily be kept clean, which would open up for wider implementation of those toilets.

My background is in Environment & Water Engineering, which I studied here in Uppsala, my home town. I have been interested in research my whole life, and wanted to become a PhD student for as long as I knew of the concept. I am very curious and am at my happiest when I get to perform experiments and analyse the results.

Apart from research, my interests are many and varied. I sing and play a lot, both choir music as well as traditional Scandinavian & Celtic folk music. I nourish a passion for nature and love to go hiking. I am also very interested in languages, different cultures and history, and frequently discuss those topics with people from other countries as well as other swedes, preferably over a fika!

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