New book chapter on impact of substrate on BSFL rearing

We are happy to share our new publication “Advances in substrate source composition for rearing black soldier fly larvae as a protein source“, published as a chapter of the book “Insects as alternative sources of protein for food and feed”, published by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

In this chapter, Cecilia and Ivã discuss some of the challenges faced by the BSF industry in relation to the feed substrates available for rearing this amazing insect species. Bioconvesion is affected by many variables and it is not easy to always have good predictability of the process and product composition combined with environmental sustainability.

We strongly believe that the real value of BSF larvae can only be extracted when waste streams are used as feed substrate (especially post-consumer waste) and when the larvae end up as feed for livestock. This, in our view, is the real path to sustainability!


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