Study visits in June

We are not even halfway through June, and we already have two major highlights to share.

On June 5th, the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Noke Masaki, visited us. Björn demonstrated the urine diversion toilet and explained the benefits of urine dehydration technologies. The Ambassador then came down to the BSF container, where Cecilia gave a short presentation of the technology and our research on the topic. Ivã and Viktoria then guided our visitors through the BSF lab, answering questions about the rearing and fertilising potential of the flies and their frass.

A week later, a joint delegation from Kenya-Lycksele came by for lectures from Björn and Cecilia, followed by visits to the urin diviring toilet and dehydration system, followed by a tour of the fly container, where Viktoria showed the eager participants around.

Knowing that our technologies and ideas gain international interest keeps us motivated to continue contributing to a circular society.

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