Prithvi is now a Research Associate at the Gobabeb Namib Research Institute


Prithvi Simha from our research group has been collaborating actively with partners in Namibia over the past three years. He has now joined the Gobabeb Namib Research Institute as a research associate/adjunct researcher. Gobabeb is a renowned center for dryland training and research located in the Namib Desert, approximately 120 kilometers southeast of Walvis Bay in Namibia. Prithvi in collaboration with Gert van der Merwe from Namibia University of Science and Technology, Eugene Marais from Gobabeb,a dn Christopher Malefors from SLU are running a joint project called “AirCloset” aimed at prototyping and evaluating a solar-thermal and wind-driven urine evaporator. Their goal is to develop a prototype evaporator that can effectively manage and utilize urine, transforming it into a valuable resource. Over the next nine months, they will pilot test the prototype evaporator at the Gobabeb Namib Research Institute. Gobabeb’s extensive weather station network and comprehensive environmental and meteorological data will play a crucial role in this phase. By leveraging these resources, they aim to gather detailed insights and refine the prototype for broader application. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and findings.

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