We’re attending the IWA ecoSTP23 conference in Girona on 26th June!

We are looking forward to attending the 6th International Water Association Conference on eco-Technologies for Wastewater Treatment (#ecoSTP23) in #Girona this month, between June 26th to 29th. Prithvi Simha and PhD candidates from our group, Anuron Deka, Abood Alahmad, and Chibambila Simbeye will be presenting on a range of topics that we have been investigating over the past year including i) the use of #biopolymers for chemical dosing of urine, ii) precipitation of #vivianite from urine and iii) diffusion barriers and #upscaling potential for #urine #recycling.

If you’re also participating here, we would love to chat with you, perhaps over lunch or dinner during the conference! Feel free to send me (Prithvi.Simha@slu.se) an email or a message about this.

PS. Some of us from the IWA Resource-Oriented Sanitation Specialist Group also plan to have dinner together on the sidelines of the conference.

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