Funding from the Kamprad Foundation will help address issues with mineral precipitation in urine collection systems

Håkan Jönsson and Prithvi Simha were very pleased to hear last week that the Kamprad Family Foundation decided to grant them #funding for a two-year project that will address issues with #precipitation of minerals in #sanitation systems that separately collect #urine. Together with Dyllon Randall (an August T Larsson Guest Researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)), they will develop techniques for preventative maintenance/cleaning of toilets. They also plan to develop technologies that capture mineral precipitates at the toilet, thereby preventing their deposits along wastewater pipes. Much of the work in the project will be done in #collaboration with two housing associations in Stockholm, BRF Understenshöjden and BRF Gebers, where urine-separating toilets were installed more than 20 years ago!

#Sweden seems to be gearing for a third phase of implementation of urine-separating sanitation systems. Many actors like VA SYD, NSVA РNordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp, Sweden Water Research, Malmö stad and Region Gotland are actively running projects that are installing new urine-separating toilets, building neighbourhood-scale urine separation systems (e.g., Sege Park in Malmö), and #recycling urine collected in public toilets (e.g., Visby).

This project’s results will aid such a¬†#transition¬†!

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