Formas funding for new urine project RECAPTURE

We have exciting news! The Swedish Research Council FORMAS has granted funding for our project called RECAPTURE: Circular Economy Certification and Production of Urine Fertiliser. RECAPTURE is a collaboration between #SLU#Sanitation360#Ecoloop and #RISE, and has 3 short-term goals: 1) optimization of fertiliser formation to work with conventional farming equipment; 2) review the applicability of SPCR178 certification for urine and other emerging products; 3) conceptual idea of a tag-on to fertiliser certifications to include environmental aspects.

The long-term objective is to have a product that is certified via a process that enables a circular economy to be built and monitored within the sanitation sector. A targeted outcome is to be seen as a model for other countries to help drive such transition. The conceptual environmental tag-on for certifications will be a vehicle for other certifying bodies to help transition and scale-up the use of recycled sanitation-derived products. To accomplish this, we will use the on-going projects (#N2Brew and #P2GreeN) on #Gotland for data collection and fertilizer development.

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