SLU’s urine team at the IWA World Water Congress in Copenhagen

Bjorn Vinneras, Prithvi Simha and Natnael Demissie from the group were in Copenhagen this week to take part in the IWA World Water Congress.

Natnael presented our work on urine dehydration, focusing on the full cycle – from collection to final consumer product, to show what SLU and Sanitation360 are doing to take the technology to market.

During the congress, there have been many opportunities to meet old and new friends, interact with practitioners and utilities, participate in workshops (e.g., the non-sewered sanitation), and shape the agenda for IWA specialist groups (e.g., ROS – Resource-Oriented Sanitation).

IWA ROS Specialist Group Meeting

IWA Non-Sewered Sanitation Workshop



  1. It was great for me finally to meet Prithvi and Natnael at the IWA conference in Copenhagen today. Hope to meet with all of you (including Björn) soon at SLU.
    Best regards
    Backlund Ecology

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