New master student writing thesis about

My name is Linnéa and I am doing my master thesis at Uppsala University (UU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). I am currently in my last semester as a civil engineer in molecular biotechnology at UU. I was born and raised in Västerås but have lived and studied in Uppsala since 2016. I had never been to SLU before my master thesis, so I think it is exiting to discover new environments and meet new people during my semester here writing my master thesis!

My thesis is a collaboration between UU, SLU and two companies called Nanoform Science and Sanitation 360. Nanoform Science is a company that has developed a technology for manufacturing very acidic metal oxide surfaces which should have antimicrobial properties. Sanitation 360 is a company that wants to turn human urine into dry fertilizer by using treatment systems in connection with urine-separating toilets. These two companies are both interested in investigating the properties of these very acidic metal oxide surfaces. Nanoform Science wants to investigate whether the surfaces have antimicrobial activity, since they thereafter could develop the surfaces into environments where biofilms thrive, e.g. hospitals, dental clinics and sewage systems. Sanitation 360 is interested in the surfaces since biofilm growth in their treatment system leads to loss of nutrition in their fertilizer product.

During my work, I will mainly focus on developing a method for growing urease-positive biofilms, then I want to test the method on the surfaces from Nanoform Science.

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