Study visit from Sustainable Food Systems

In September, the environmental engineering group received a study visit from students in the Sustainable Food Systems master program. The course Prospects and challenges for sustainable food systems, held by Pernilla Tidåker who is a senior lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology, includes a couple of lectures on source separation of waste water and the concept of nutrient recycling. Victoria Wiklicky, research assistant, gave an introduction to fly larvae composting; Caroline Karlsson, also research assistant, talked about source-separation of waste water and urine drying and Annika Nordin, researcher, showed and talked about the environmental engineering group’s innovative waste water treatment solutions. The study visit was held outdoors in accordance with the covid-19 restrictions, the students circulated between the three stations, listened to and discussed the different research topics. They also got to pay a visit (at safe distance) to the urine diverting toilet and drying system at the department of Energy and Technology.

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