Robin Harder, new postdoc to work on nutrient recovery and reuse from a systems perspective

After ten years in Gothenburg on the Swedish West Coast, it is now time to (again) experience Uppsala on the East Coast. Having only good memories from a summer spent in Uppsala back in 2010, when I first came to Sweden, I am looking forward to work at SLU’s Environmental Engineering Group.

Through my work, I aspire to contribute to a world in which nutrients are recirculated from human excreta and other organic residuals to agriculture in a way the supports healthy water, soil, food, and people. To achieve this, I believe it is crucial that we see human excreta management as part of food and farming systems rather than as part of waste management. This premise underpins much of my research as environmental systems analyst.

Over the coming years, my research activities will focus on two projects:

I look forward to inspiring discussions with new (and old) colleagues at SLU.

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