1-2 tons food waste treated by BSF composting in Eskilstuna

In the past 2 years, the environmental engineering group has been collaborating with the waste management company of Eskilstuna in order to treat food waste with black soldier fly larvae. This technology, developed within the group over the past 10 years, aims to recover the nutrients present in organic waste streams and reintroduce them into the food chain by producing feed for livestock. With this collaboration, a pilot plant was set up with the goal of treating 1 ton of food waste per day. After having successfully achieved a stable production of 1 million young larvae per day in the fly colony at SLU, the next step was to treat 1 ton of food waste with the larvae at the pilot plant. Not only did we managed to treat 1 ton of food waste per day but recently managed to double the treated food waste reaching 2 tons per day. Right now, we are back in the lab to analyse the results.

Contact: Cecilia Lalander


  1. Hi

    We are planning an insect factory in southeast Nigeria to produce BSF in industrial scale as raw material for feed instead of foodstuffs like soybean, cassava, and corn and plan to treat up to 50 metric tons of organic waste per day and interested to know about your nursery tools and project-

    (1) Size of the trays in the rack with 10 trays.
    (2) What is the waste to larvae conversion rate
    (3) How many % of waste to you top each tray and how often?
    (4) Where can such tray, rack be bought in wholesale?

    Literature, data, and video of your project, and research will be of great help.

    Kind Regards
    Prince Agbugba

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