Edible Insects: the Value Chain, symposium at Wageningen

Last month, Giulio Zorzetto from our research group participated in the ‘Edible Insects: the value chain‘ symposium hosted by Wageningen University at Ede, Netherlands. The symposium celebrated 10 years of research related to the utilization of insects as novel food and feed. Giulio contributed to the event by presenting a poster on the cold storage of early instar of the black soldier fly in order to provide a buffer of available larvae to black soldier fly farms. Click here to access the presentation.PC: Wageningen University, Netherlands

Over 2 days, the symposium was host to researchers who presented their latest findings aimed at developing solutions for efficient and effective utilizations of insect as novel protein sources. The topics addressed included: insect rearing and processing, insect in the food and feed industry, legislation and consumers acceptance. The symposium focused on the major insects species used in the industry with particular emphasis in the black soldier fly. Researchers and experts from the public and private sector, from over 25 nationalities gathered at the event.

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