Professor Håkan Jönsson for the Water Prize

Photo: Julio Gonzales/SLU                                                                                                                                  On March 14th, Professor Håkan Jönsson will be awarded the Water Prize by Föreningen Vatten (Society Water). “Never during my 10 years in the board of Föreningen Vatten have we received so many heavy nominations for a certain person. Most universities, organizations and individuals in the industry have shown strong support for this prize winner“, writes Marta Ahlquist-Juhlén, the chairman of Föreningen Vatten. Among others, Prof. Jönsson has actively worked to close the cycle between cities and rural areas for 25 years, and his research has made a great impression. Most well-known is his commitment to upstream solutions in wastewater systems and his work on recycling plant nutrients from wastewater to arable land.

The water prize is Föreningen Vattens largest environmental award, and it is given “to the person or group of persons active in the Nordic countries and who, through idea, construction, practical application, research, scientific dissertation, etc., have significantly promoted the development of water quality.” The prize is awarded in conjunction with the Association of Water’s Annual Meeting, held at Tyrene’s headquarters on 14 March.

So come to Stockholm at the meeting of Föreningen Vatten and take part in Prof.  Jönsson’s exciting prize-winning work over the years!

Föreningen Vatten (Society Water) is a non-profit and non-political association that works for the proper housekeeping and care of water resources as well as for a good aquatic environment. The association is nationwide, strives to increase competence and cooperates with the other water and wastewater associations and organizations nationwide and to a certain extent internationally. Members come from all parts of the water and wastewater area; municipalities, other authorities, research, consulting, industry and construction.
Press Release: Professor Håkan Jönsson tilldelas Vattenpriset 2018

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