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Xiaoqin Zhou on research exchange at SLU from USTB

Dr. Xiaoqin Zhou, Assistant Professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) is on a three week research exchange at Kretsloppsteknik. Yesterday, at a lunch seminar organised by the group, Xiaoqin presented about USTB and her own research activities. Specifically, she talked baout “toilet revolution” in rural China and how the country is currently in the process of upgrading its rural sanitation infrastructure. The “toilet revolution” campaign was launched by the Chinese central government since 2015 to improve the sanitary conditions in Mainland China. Thereafter, several campaigns have been launced in recent years such as“ National Tourism Reinvent Toilet Campaign” and “new toilet for rural toilet system Campaign” led by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA ), now called as Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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Social aspects of recycling household wastes: perspectives from Jordan

We were at the Hashemite University in Jordan last week, teaching a group of young students how we can safely recycle different household waste fractions. As part of this week-long course, we organised a day of interactive seminars and a role playing game to improve awareness among the students about the psychology, decision making, and socio-technical aspects of recycling waste.

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Teaching students in Jordan about safe nutrient recycling

This week, we (Sahar Dalahmeh, Mikael Pell, Annika Nordin, Cecilia Lalander, and Prithvi Simha) are in Jordan, conducting a 1-week course on recycling of various household waste fractions. The course is given at the Hashemite University, located about 50 km away from the capital city Amman. A group of about 20 very enthusiastic and inquistive students are learning about various topics such as wastewater microbiology, hygienisation, urine diversion and dehydration, vermi- and black soldier fly composting, on-site wastweater treatment, etc.

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Chinmoy Deb joins the Urine Drying Project

Our former intern, Chinmoy Deb from India, who came to SLU last year for his Bachelor’s thesis on Urine Drying, has successfully received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Currently, Chinmoy has started his Master’s program in “Soil, Water and Environment” at SLU and has been recruited as a member of our group. During his bachelors’ program, back in India, he had worked with urine for nutrient and pharmaceutical removal. With a keen to connect the nexus of sanitation, hygiene and agriculture, he has joined the group to continue his research on the recovery of plant essential nutrients by means of urine drying technology.

Kretsloppsteknik at the 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference

Between 8th and 12th September, Björn and Prithvi were in Venice to take part in the International Water Association‘s 3rd Resource Recovery Conference in Venice. Prithvi had an oral presentation where he talked about the pilot testing of the alkaline urine dehydration technology at Pori Brigade in Finland. At the conference, Prithvi also co-chaired the session on urine valorisation and water reuse, as a Young Water Professional. Since we were shortlisted for the IWA Resource Recovery Award, we also had a poster presentation about Sanitation360 AB, the group’s spin-off company implementing urine dehydration technology.

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Student field visit to Prof. Håkan Jönsson’s house

Earlier today, Prof. Håkan Jönsson, Pernilla Tidåker, and Prithvi Simha coordinated a student (from the Sustainable Food Systems master’s program at SLU) visit to a garden and a house owned by Håkan, who has designed a local system where most of the plant nutrients from the household are recycled back to the garden and used as fertilizer. For a very long time Håkan has implemented source separation in his own house and uses all source-separated urine and kitchen compost as fertilizer in his garden, where he grows vegetables and berry bushes. During the visit, the students saw how a small-scale source separation systems can look like and discussed options and challenges for future upscaling.

Kretsloppsteknik at the 28th SuSanA meeting

Several members of the group were present at the 28th annual meeting of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance in Stockholm, prior to the world water week. On the sidelines of the meeting, we also got to have a great first meeting with Gustavo Heredia, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the AGUATUYA Foundation in Bolivia. Sanitation360, our group’s university start-up that plans to implement the urine dehydration technology is in discussions with AGUATUYA to treat from urine-diverting toilets in El Alto, Bolivia.

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Visit from Finnish Water & Wastewater Association

Earlier today, we were happy to welcome a group of 20 delegates from the Finnish Water and Wastewater Association interested in on-site sanitation systems. From the group, Prithvi presented the urine drying technology. During the seminar, there were several presentations from organisations outside the university, e.g. VA-Guiden and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Tack Porin Prikaati: slutförandet av urintorkningspilot i Säkylä

Den tre månader långa urintorkningsinstallationen vid Pori Birgade i Säkylä, Finland, demonterades förra veckan och avslutade den första fältdemonstrationen av vår teknik. Som du kommer ihåg från våra tidigare blogginlägg integrerade vi en urinuttorkningsmodul med kapacitet att behandla 40 L urin / dag / m2 i ett befintligt, mobilt torrt sanitetssystem – Biomajatoaletten. Under denna pilot har vi samlat prover av slutprodukten / gödningsmedel (se bilden nedan), kontrollerat olika fysikaliska och kemiska egenskaper samt energianvändningen av behandlingsmodulen. Under de kommande månaderna analyserar vi de samlade proverna tillsammans med våra partners i Finland. Medan modulen fick mindre urin än dess konstruktionskapacitet fungerade den smidigt under pilotperioden.

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Halv-separerad alkalisk urintorkning i en stadsbyggnad

Under den senaste veckan har gruppmedlemmarn Prithvi Simha och Giulio Zorzetto varit i Tammerfors i Finland, där de installerade en ny urinavtorkningsmodul som testas i Hiedanrantaområdet i Tammerfors. Behandlingsmodulen konstruerades på SLU, transporterades till Finland, återmonterades vid TAMK och slutligen installerad i källaren av Lielahtis herrgård. Urin från två olika toaletter i herrgården, som själv genomgår renovering, planeras att bli kopplat till detta behandlingsystem under den kommande veckan. Denna installation, som varit en gång i drift, har potential att öppna en ny aveny för lokal insamling och behandling av urin i urbana miljöer.

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