Startup-meeting of the new Horizone Europe project P2Green


Björn Vinnerås, Jenna Senecal and Jennifer McConville attended the startup-meeting in Hannover during the second week of January. Included in the project from SLU is also Prithvi Simha and two PhD students under employment. Our main work is within the “Swedish pilot region”, where we will focus on the upscaling of the urine dehydration process. Our focus is the first two work packages WP1 – Blue printing the regional clusters and WP2 – Monitoring and assessing the benefits. Jenna was presenting the Swedish pilot region with the full cycle of urine collection to food production. See more at the project home page

Jenna Presenting the Swedish pilot region
Jenna Presenting the Swedish pilot region with the full cycle of fertiliser production from urine to the field and final food production.

New publication on the drying of ion-exchanged human urine


In a recent study published in Water Research, members of the Kretsloppsteknik group investigated the possibility of alkalising human urine by anion-exchange and dehydrating urine into a dry fertiliser powder.Fresh urine was passed through an ion-exchanger, stabilised by alkalisation (pH >10), added to an alkaline media (wood ash/alkalised biochar) and dehydrated

Simha, P., Senecal, J., Nordin, A., Lalander, C., Vinnerås, B., 2018. Alkaline dehydration of anion–exchanged human urine: Volume reduction, nutrient recovery and process optimisation, Water Research. In Press. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2018.06.001.