Finnish delegation visits SLU to discuss on-site urine treatment


Last week our group hosted a delegation of stakeholders from Finland, representing between them the City of Tampere, The Finnish Environment Institute, The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. They were at SLU to discuss their ongoing projects, MORTTI – mobile nutrient recovery under field conditions and HIERAKKA – long-term effects of applying urine fertilizers. The project looks at identifying and piloting new solutions for the capture and utilisation of nutrients in urine and faeces. We thus discsussed theĀ possibilities for on-site treatment of urine in Finland as well as potential collaboration for implementing urine drying technology at pilot study locations. This was followed by visits to our lab, where we have been running three household-scale urine drying systems & a tour of our black soldier fly composting colony.Ā  PC:Ā Carl Willandt,Ā Ekokumppanit Oy