Yulia joins our advanced oxidation project

Helloy! My name is Yulia, I’m coming from Finland, but study in Umeå University. About a year ago I finished bachelor programme in Life Sciences with specialisation in molecular biology, and now I’m studying master’s programme in chemistry. And though I’m planning to specialise in medicinal chemistry, my interests lay wide. Among them is wastewater treatment, for it’s both very important and also very interesting subject. This led me to Prithvi Simha’s research group. I’m here at SLU for a six-week internship, studying the potential of persulfate activation in urine with Ali Peter Mehaidli. Activation of persulfate will result into formation of sulphate radicals, and those in their turn will be degrading organic compounds in urine. Thus, the potential outcome of this study is to find a method of improving degradation of organic compounds in urine, while preserving nitrogen and phosphorus.

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