We have a blog!

Traditionally, we at the Grants Office have used our web pages and newsletters to communicate with the SLU research community. These media include the latest information about calls for funding, as well as guidance on proposal writing and a host of relevant topics such as sex/gender perspectives and science communication. Those media are not very flexible, though, and not amenable to timely topical updates or commentary. That function is best fulfilled by a blog, and we thought it was time for us to launch one. We believe that the blog will be of value to not only the SLU community but also to researchers and research support staff beyond SLU, as well as funders and others.

What will this blog focus on? External funding, first and foremost. For example, we might situate an interesting call for funding in a broader science/policy context. Or we might comment on a report about steps taken to reduce unconscious bias in proposal evaluations. But occasionally, we might cast the net wider to engage with topics to do with research and innovation policy more generally. At times, we might also take advantage of a successful grant to clarify what type of support we provide and how.

The best blogs are ones that are updated frequently and are able to build a loyal and engaged readership. That is what we are aspiring to do. Watch this space!