New Post Doc position open!


Do you have the right qualifications and are interested in research within this field? Have a read about the 2-year Post Doc position open in our group.

Workshop on insects as food & feed


Next week 6 February we are organising together with the research platform Future Food a workshop on insects as food and feed. The focus of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different disciplines within the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and discuss collaborations and the future development of the area. We look forward to the day that is likely to be very interesting and move the field a little bit forward!

Conference in Fiji


We are participating in the Island Arks conference in Nadi, Fiji. Lots of researchers and NGOs here from different countries around the world presenting their work, as did we!

Lots of interest at Open day at campus


We met lots of people at the university’s open campus day last Saturday. Many came to our talk and visited our little set-up where we talked about our research, showed insects, photos and films. Many in the general public are super interested in the subject and we tried to answer as many questions as we could!

Study made by highschool students on attitude of insect eating


Two students from H├Âgbergsskolan in Sweden (highschool) have done their final project work focused on their fellow students’ attitudes on eating insects. The authors were really interested in the subject and both we and them, and later the involved students and teachers had lots of engaging discussions. You can read the study below (in Swedish) Insekter som proteink├Ąlla. Unders├Âkning av ungdomars ├ąsikt“ (“Insects as a protein source. Study on the opinion of youth”).

Our posters from the conference


These are the two posters we presented at the conference. The top one the is the one that Phalla got Best poster of the conference award for. The second one is showing some of the master’s work that our Veterinarian student Gabriella has done on feed and amino acid content of crickets:

Growth of reared Cambodian field crickets (Teleogryllus testaceus) fed weeds and agricultural and food industry by-products

Amino acid contents of field crickets fed chicken feed, cassava tops and weed

Successful days presenting our work at the EAAP conference


We have just returned home after participating at the Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) that was in Tallinn this year. For the first time the conference had research on insects as food and feed, as a part of the conference. One whole day’s parallel session was devoted to this We had both talks and posters and Phalla (PhD-student) got awarded the best poster of the whole conference – big congratulations to Phalla! A good achievement as there were plenty of posters on display – over 300.

Art meets science


Art meets science in the Agricultura exhibition in Malm├Â, Sweden. Here you can see artworks, installations and talk to the artists. It is focused on food and agriculture (in new ways) and will run until 27th of August. We have been in discussion with one of the artists Erik Sanner about insects as a future food source for the development of his installation. See about the exhibition here