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New MSc thesis on insects as feed & land winnings

Douglas Hunter has recently defended his MSc thesis Feeding the 45 million:
Substituting soybean protein with insect protein within EU poultry & egg production
at the Department of Ecology, SLU. His thesis shows that there is a possibility of massive land winnings with a substitution from soybean meal to insects reared on food bi-products in the poultry industry. Such change in feed could reduce the existing land-convertion pressure on forests to become agricultural land around the globe.

New Post Doc to the group

We wish our new Post Doc Laura Riggi welcome! Laura has a background in research on insect biodiversity in production landscapes and will start to work with us in the beginning of September. She will work with questions on how we can enhance our landscapes to increase biodiversity and at the same time grow feed for food-insects. Interesting studies ahead!

Workshop on insects as food & feed

Next week 6 February we are organising together with the research platform Future Food a workshop on insects as food and feed. The focus of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different disciplines within the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and discuss collaborations and the future development of the area. We look forward to the day that is likely to be very interesting and move the field a little bit forward!

Study made by highschool students on attitude of insect eating

Two students from Högbergsskolan in Sweden (highschool) have done their final project work focused on their fellow students’ attitudes on eating insects. The authors were really interested in the subject and both we and them, and later the involved students and teachers had lots of engaging discussions. You can read the study below (in Swedish) Insekter som proteinkälla. Undersökning av ungdomars åsikt“ (“Insects as a protein source. Study on the opinion of youth”).