Talk to Swedish cattle farmers association

11 november 2016

Anna Jansson talks to the Swedish cattle farmers association (meat producers) about insects as food in general and also about our project, at their annual meeting (this time in Visby on the island of Gotland).

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  1. HI, I write from Cameroon, I am called Emmanuel Nkongho Egbe, Project Coordinator of Community Visioning in Buea ,Cameroon, we have cattle range and also work closely with vulnerable groups particularly the youths which we do empower them with knowledge and skills for economic sustainability, in our communities every body depends on agriculture and natural resources which are termed community assets. To have smooth realization of our objectives we need trainers capacity building in order to properly pass on the necessary skills and knowledge to these people for self dependency particularly in Cattle rearing.So please we are interested in your 2018 events in Sweden, i meant to be invited for participation,in all will give us an opportunity on cross cultural exchange which is quite important to us.Hope to hearing from you .kind regards

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