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A master thesis on the market formation for edible insects

This is a master thesis by two students at Stockholm school of economics, Sweden who have focused their work on the market formation of insects as a new food source in Sweden. We participated with information and discussions about the biology of insects and our current work. The work “What’s bugging Sweden? A qualitative study on the market formation for edible insects in Sweden” is in english. Norell & Runnö 170607.pdf

Student work comparing insects and soy as food source

A part of our work is communicating with students that are on different levels in school. Many young people are interested in insects as a potential food source and have lots of interesting questions and ideas. Its great to see their energy and drive! This report is from 6 students at Globala Gymnasiet (a highschool) in Stockholm, Sweden that that did a study where they compared insects and soy as human food. The work is based on literature, interviews and questionnaires, is in Swedish with an english abstract. GyA- Framtidens proteinkälla Ylva Palmgren Na14a.pdf

Upcoming talks from our research at the EAAP annual meeting 2017

We’ll be going to the EAAP annual meeting in Tallinn, Estonia in the end of August and present talks from our research.

One will be on ‘Key components for a sustainable entomophagy industry’ and in the session “Safety, regulatory, environmental issues and consumer acceptance of insects” 31/8 in the morning.

If you are going and interested in meeting up – let us know!