F/W student of the week: Sebastian!

15399061_1192322640846736_1947665462_oGoodmorning! What are you doing up so early? Photo: Sebastian Elze

What have you done before your masters programme?

I studied 6 semesters of forest sciences in Dresden, Germany, so this is my exchange semester in Sweden to see how you Swedes are getting along with all the wildlife 😉
What’s your first memory involving an animal?

Excluding all the “pet memories”, my first impressive memory with wildlife which I can remember includes two deer, storming away when we have been approaching in the forest right behind our garden when I was 5?!
What made you good to go for fish and wildlife?

It was and it is a quite big part of my entire life so far and since it is bound to forestry and everything which comes along with it, I thought this is the right time to get a closer idea of what it is about. Not fisheries though but it’s nice to get closer look to that as well 😉

dsc_5441Are you sure Sebastian? You seem to think that this pretty interesting! Photo: Hannah Benath

Fun hobby or fact you would like to share with us?

Well… My first time I went fishing was in Sweden!! Hällefors olé!


Dream job to land straight after graduation?

Depends on what I will graduate with. I think about something within the wood industry but I have no idea about my dream job yet, sorry bro!


Position as my cord-holder seems open! 😉 Photo: Hannah Benath

Fish, birds or wildlife? 


 15369833_1192309734181360_760892796_oPhoto: Sebastian Elze

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