What’cha got there, buddy?


Picture of the day: German Shorthaired Pointer, ISO 720; 178 mm; f/5.6; 1/125

We had an interesting lecture about experimental design in ecology earlier to walk us through the do’s and whatnots of conducting your own experiment: might sound strict, but in the end it’s all about how to best get the answer to your peculiar question! In fact, it’s not that different from many other things in life – just follow the guidelines, consult others who know more than you, and put your creativity to good use.

In fact, scrolling through a couple of background papers, I realized some researchers had evaluated using pointing dogs to lessen the chance of missing a hiding bird that should be counted.

Might be a good solution when you’re looking for birds in this…!IMG_5099

View in towards Sarek from Prinskullen, just north of Kvikkjokk in the Scandinavian Mountain Chain.

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