Weekend trip to Vaasa!

If you’d like a foreign experience during your foreign exchange year, look no further! Vaasa, home to no less than 6 different universities (!!) and Umeås twin city, lies just across kvarken and a ferry trip away from Umeå.

This makes it ideal for that relaxed weekend you’ve been planning to treat yourself to after that last gruelling ”tenta” – or wild night out in town whereafter you feel the need for a weekend getaway where you promise yourself there’s no chance you’ll be recognized! 😉

For anyone interested in birding or wildlife photography, the archipelargo brings amazing opportunities to photograph and experience Ostersjons sea birds, including the imported Canada Goose, which has developed a viable population which thrives in its new Nordic home (you’ll see these flying south over Umeå come autumn). You might also find yourself in the company of some seals!

There’s also a full load of outdoors activities for those interested in experiencing the Kvarken world heritage site first hand in both Finland and Sweden: Finnish Kvarken Archipelargo, Swedish High Coast. In fact, there’s a group from the class going hiking in the High Coast tomorrow!

Not to miss! Vaasa features a stunning waterfront right next to the city centre.

P.S. Don’t forget to get your Marimekko and all the Mumin-themed plattery, books, films and other apparel you (or any Mumin-fantast you know!) has ever dreamt of while you’re there.

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