First AgriPub 2019

To take responsibility as an Agroecologist and facilitate the dialogue between different actors of the food-system, I am right now organising a new event, called AgriPub. It will take place tomorrow evening in the student union house and invites anyone who is interested in food and agriculture related questions. We, as students, want to create a casual and regular meeting that can be seen as platform to exchange, mingle and discuss.

For the first AgriPub ever I am lucky to announce that Albert Matapo, a fellow of us and native of Zimbabwe will talk about his long experiences with his home country and the agricultural and political development there. I am excited and looking forward to this promising evening that will hopefully initiate a regular food system network at SLU Alnarp.

You can find the Facebook event here:

Official invitation to our first AgriPub at SLU Alnarp.

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