Today we want to introduce Jakriborg in Hjärup to you, a housing area near Alnarp.


As you can see in the picture, parts of Hjärup are really colourful and made in an old style. The town Hjärup is separated by a railway station which connects Lund and Malmö. On the one side of it, you will find this kind of buildings, called Jakriborg, on the other side there are “normal” houses.
This area of Hjärup was build in the 1990s by two brothers. It should combine traditional with new classical architecture. People rent those houses and apartments and today there are 500 families living in Jakriborg. The building style is inspired by pre-industrial architecture from coastal regions of the southern Baltic region and the North Sea near Flanders and Tallinn.
Within the area you will find places with small gardens and a city walls surrounds Jakriborg.

It is definitely worth a visit! 🙂

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