Karneval på Alnarp

At the first of May we celebrated Karneval at campus Alnarp! The agriculture bachelor students mainly organised the day and it was just great!
They grilled, built some fancy cars with which they drove through campus and had a competition between the two teams around the little pond which is located at campus as well. The opponents were on the one hand team Sverige, on the other hand team Skåne. In total there were three different challenges between those teams.

The first game!
The first challenge between the two teams was tug of war. The rope was stretched over the pond and when one member of a team touched the water, the other team won.

The second game!
Here, two “nurses” prepared the wooden beam and each time two opponents had to hit each other with a wet pillow from the beam. They were always dressed in the colours of Sweden or Skåne.

The second game.

The third game!
This was the final challenge. Before the third game started, every team had the same score. In this game the two teams had built their own swimming platform/ boat and the goal was that at least one of the opponent team has to climb up on the boat from the other team. The edges of the boats were covered with a kind of soap, so that the opponents cannot get easily on the boat of the other team. There was as well one defender who was holding a water hose to parry the opponents. The other team members controlled the boat, defended and attacked.
At the end, team SKåne won!

Final game.
Both teams together.

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