Partnership Alnarp

Today I will tell you something about Partnership Alnarp, an organisation which enables knowledge transfer from research at SLU Alnarp to businesses and companies (partners) in Southern Sweden. Partnership Alnarp is run by a main facilitator, C.-O. Schwartz, who works there half-time, and two other half-time employees.

One major problem today is that scientific results and research is not communicated transparent enough to the working environment. Partnership Alnarp tries to solve this problem. At the moment, the organisation has around 90 partners (companies/ businesses), from wine growers, to construction companies, farmer associations and so on. The partners are divided into seven area specific advisory groups: livestock production, market & management, communication, gardening & vegetables, traditional growing, forestry and biobased industry raw materials. There are advisory members who are partners themselves with special areas of expertise and every area specific group has one chairmen.
Researchers and students can apply at Partnership Alnarp for max. half of their budget needed for their project. The requirement is, that they have to hand in their project idea compressed on some pages. When the partners decided if they want to be involved in one project and support it, the chairmen of each advisory group ( of the partners) and C.-O. Schwartz decide on the approval and funding of the project.

If you ever have a great idea where you need support, then go there! I think to combine our theoretical knowledge and research from university with the “practical world” is the best thing we can do to make research applicable and meaningful.

Partnership Alnarp is in the castle at campus Alnarp.

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